• Amai*Suppai*Horonigai

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  • Amai*Suppai*Horonigai Summary:

    A Collection of Short Stories: Story Two: Kae has a weak body ever since she was a child, therefore, she cannot run nor overwork herself too hard and to add to that, she doesn't have friends. On the other hand, she likes watching baseball from afar since they have tanned skin and can dash onto the field like the wind. One day, she was about to get hit by a baseball in the face when suddenly, a guy saves her. Will this person give her an illness called love? Or will she just try to cure this disease? Story Three: This story revolves around a typical playboy king who dates cute and pretty girls and is currently looking for an exciting affair, but when he is inevitably rejected by a certain high girl when he tried to pick her up on the spot, will he finally experience true love?

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