• Animal X: Daichi no Okite

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  • Animal X: Daichi no Okite Summary:

    Taking refuge in the newly rebuilt Asato-Jima commune, Yuuji and Minato try to carve a place for themselves in a Dinosauroid society foreign to both of them. Split up for long periods of time by their work assignments, Minato and Yuuji slowly grow farther apart. When it seems as if nothing can possibly get any worse: Yuuji gives birth to his first child. Six months later, a stranger comes to Asato Jima looking for work in the commune Research Lab. He's oddly interested in Yuuji and in learning information about a baby that no one on the island seems willing to acknowledge has ever existed... Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island, the Blood come across the bodies of four of their own, slashed to death by the claws of another Dinosauroid. All eyes are quick to fall on the rebellious and possessive outsider, Minato.

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