• Beauty Pop

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    Kiri Koshiba uses her magnificent hairstyling talents to help brighten up the lives of girls, but she does so anonymously. On the other hand, Scissors Project, "SP", an egoistic but noteworthy group made up of three boys at school, gives grand makeovers to handpicked girls. Shougo Narumi, the head of the group and a hairstyling genius in his own right, finds himself butting heads with Kiri. To make matters worse, Ochiai, another member of SP, plots to expose Kiri's talents. As much as Kiri tries to shy away from the spotlight, she finds herself drawn into the world of hairstyling. Aside of all the chaos, Ochiai develops a special affection for Kiri. But it seems Narumi and Kiri are also developing feelings for each other.

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