• Chinrou Cantarella

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    Distinguised Noble Son, Shingo, as a person under debt, sold himself to Maruyama Red Light District’s greatest male prostitute brothel, Tsubakirou! Furthermore, a few days ago he had met an impolite man. Zenichirou’s appearance…! With a resistant heart and an arrogant attitude, unable to defy the shrewd man who divided the red-light district, Shingo has taken training from Zenichiro to become the best courtesan….? The unexplainably beautiful and erotic techniques of a romance story! From Cosmique Scans & Shinkirou Scans: Shingo, the son of a well-known family, is sold to Maruyama’s red light district male brothel, “Tsubakirou” to pay off his family’s debt! Furthermore, the ill-mannered man he encountered days before, Senichirou, is there… That arrogant manner of his, etched into his heart and he is unable to defy that man he was placed under – Senichirou. Shingo would be trained by him to become a top class courtesan…? A heart rendering beautiful erotic love story! There are cheerful tales as well.

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