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    FROM THE BOOK: How far would you go to meet your favorite boy band? Kum-ji was a little-late in getting under the spell of the chart-topping band, DDL. Unable to join the DDL fan club, she almost gives up on meeting her idols, until she develops a cunning plan-to become a member of a rival fan-club for the brand-new boy band Yo-I. This way she can act as Yo-I's fan club member and also be together near Yo-I, who always seem to be in the same shows as DDL. Perfect plan... except being a fanatic is a lot more complicated than she expects. Especially when you're actually a fan of someone else. This first full-blown love comedy about a fan club will make you laugh, cry, and laugh somemore. THIS IS A KOREAN MANHWA ----> READ FROM LEFT TO RIGHT :]

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