• Dangerous Love Triangle

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  • Dangerous Love Triangle Summary:

    Saving a helpless boy from being dressed up as a girl against his will, Chihiru Kanno is amazed at just how beautiful the half naked boy is. On the other hand, is she in for more trouble than she bargained for? The little boy she saved turns out to really be the older brother of the younger one that she has a crush on! In any case, Nakajou, the older one, has taken a liking to her. And what’s this? He also wants to have sex with her?! Is seduction the key into getting into Chiharu’s pants, or will true love in the form of the younger brother Maki, appear? Find out how this mess is resolved in: Dangerous Love Triangle, by- Yuzuki Jun -Summary written from scratch by: Take-me-away-to-paradise THIS IS A ONESHOT FROM PINK NO IDENSHI SERIES

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