• Don't Touch Me!

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    "People don't like my face." Said the overly handsome boy wearing a mask over his mouth. Of course, this wasn't it. People loved his face too much that they fainted and fought over him. It's just that he was way too dense to see it. His only friend was his childhood friend, and it just so happens that his childhood friend has a sister. She is our heroine. Her name is Mirang. Although she is tough, she has a beautiful face and a not too perfect personality. She's conceited, a bit spoiled, she says mean things, and her type of men are comedians?! She grew up apparently hating Won (the overly handsome boy). She threw rocks at him, she hit him, kicked him, and insulted him over and over again. It didn't affect him. Does this seem like a romance manga so far?Just wait for it. When her parents decide to get a divorce, she leaves for 7 years and now that she's back, she realizes her feelings towards Won. She kisses him and tells him "You're mine now". What happens when one of Won's admirers spot this? She of course reports it to the rest of the gang. Joy, oh joy. Please.. touch him! It'll build our entertainment.

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