• Dragon Knights

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  • Dragon Knights Summary:

    Three Dragon Knights go on a quest to retreive Demon lord Nadil's head and return it back to their kingdom in Dragoon where the Dragon lord awaits their return. Each dragon knight has their own battle dragon in which they fight demons with. The dragon knight of fire: Rath, a boy with an obsession with killing demons and a mysterious past which has yet to be revealed; the dragon knight of earth: Thatz, a carefree fellow who hungers for food and treasure; the water dragon knight: Rune, a sensitive person to be around and never hesitates to put his fellow knights in their place. These three very different individuals have to work together as "dragon knights". As the story progresses the knights face various challenges that they've never even dreamed of! Preventing the demon lord's revival, saving their kingdom from hordes of demons, saving the faerie race from extinction, collecting three sacred treasures (as well as love) are just some of those making up their list! An awesome must-read series that will keep you entertained all the way!

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