• Eikoku Kizoku Goyoutashi

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  • Eikoku Kizoku Goyoutashi Summary:

    1) Eikoku Kizoku Goyoutashi- While working at her shop, Chiyoko Shimakura was approached by a young foreign male asking for a date. Though, at the same time, there have been a lot of incidents regarding a young foreign man conning women for their money in the neighborhood. Is he the one that has been conning others? Or is he really her prince charming? 2) A Thousand And One Nights - An encounter with a stranger ends up with a young girl becoming a temporary secretary. 3) Mitsuboshi School Days - In order to chase the 'love of her life', minami joins a cooking school 4) Love Bite About a girl who didn't know what to do with her feelings, thus leading the boy to believing that she hated him.

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