• Electric Hands

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  • Electric Hands Summary:

    1-2) Electric Hands Fujino could be considered a NORMAL high school student who is surrouned by friends here and there, that is, if he doesn't have a major hands fetish. Takie is Fujino's close friend who, by Fujino's standards, has mesmerizing hands. This is a story about Fujino and how his hands fetish became overpowering, which lead to him getting aroused just by Takie touching him! My oh my, just how does Fujino the hands fetish, and Takie the owner of beautiful hands, turns out? 3-4) If Looks Could Kill Tsuruga has the gaze that can kill, or at least catch the attention of Fujisima. At first, Fujisima thought that Tsuruga's gaze is filled with hatred, so it was a shock for him to discover that behind Tsugura's gaze, lies a total different reason and meaning. 5) Brothers Battle Tomoharu's mother is remarrying. All he wanted was to have a normal life, but now, his two step-brothers are competing to win his love. *There's a prequel to this story inside Aruji no Oose no Mama ni

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