• En Passant

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  • En Passant Summary:

    Verde, a powerful and secret organization that controls the world has a new leader. The only thing that stands in its way is an unlikely character, Kujou Shin, the king of pessimists. He has no attachments to anything or anyone and feels no hesitation at dying. He is unwillingly dragged into a fight for the most powerful position in the world, the leader of Verde. What will be his fate? Note: In chess, pawns can normally move one square forward, and can only capture pieces that are in front and diagonal to them. On its very first move, however, a pawn can move forward either one space or two spaces. If, by moving forward two spaces instead of one, the pawn avoids capture by the opponent's pawn, the opponent has the option of capturing that pawn en passant (in passing). The opponent would "take" the space the skipped by the other pawn and capture it just as if it had only moved forward one space. You can only take en passant on the first opportunity provided. For a better description with pictures, search En Passant on wikipedia.

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