• Eternity

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  • Eternity Summary:

    Kwanoon is the smartest kid in high school. He's the school valedictorian, and reads every book and aces every test ... but watch out -- he's no geek! He's loved by the girls for his good looks and hated by the teachers for his bad-boy antics. But campus life is about to change for Kwanoon - a sworn enemy who has reincarnated from a thousand years past has come back to seek revenge! The evil, reincarnated Dong-tak returns as Kwanoon's new, mild-mannered homeroom teacher, and suddenly Kwanoon is running scared. But he soon finds out from a beautiful Shaman girl, Aram, that he too is a reincarnation of a great man from a thousand years ago -- the valiant warrior, Lord Gwan-woo! Kwanoon becomes aware he has untapped special powers as the Lord Gwan-woo. Seventeen-year-old Aram also reveals two other reincarnated warriors on campus to help him. Together, the three warriors battle spiritual enemies from the past while hiding their identities from their friends and family.

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