• Fake (KANO Shiuko)

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  • Fake (KANO Shiuko) Summary:

    Being set up as someone good-natured and far remove from erotic things just because of his “Buddha-like face,” Futsuta’s real character is actually a pervy high schooler. He is always troubled by the gap between his appearance and true character, and comes to confess his distress and seek help from his sexy teacher, Ikagawa, a person with a lusty face who is rumored to have struck down a total of 100 people, both men and women. The sexually vigorous story about the troubles of guys whose outward appearances contrast with their true characters. Latest chapters of “Mayou Otoko” and “Sasakure Memorial” are also included!❤ 1-2) Fake ♂ 3) Sasakure Memorial Returns 4) Mayou Otoko 〜 FINAL QUEST? 5) Butsuden ☆ Finally…!? (Fake ♂ extra)

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