• Final Fantasy VII dj - Nostalgia

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  • Final Fantasy VII dj - Nostalgia Summary:

    Cloud returns to the now-abandoned barracks he used to live in and the room he and Zack shared when they were both in SOLDIER. Cloud falls asleep on one of the beds, and begins to dream--and remember the nostalgic moments of his past. "Nostalgia", is actually divided up into several short chapters. The first one is Nostalgia -in the daydream generation-, then comes [inside C] which focuses on Cloud's feelings about being in SOLDIER, and Zack. Third is [side S], a chapter that deals with the Zack's feelings of loyalty towards Sephiroth. After that is [side A], a chapter about Zack and Aeris meeting again after they haven't seen one another in a while. The last two chapters are [my last mail] and [never to meet again]. Nostalgia is a beautiful, full-color doujinshi by the popular circle Yubinbasya. One of the chapters is a Zack x Cloud shonen-ai (or maybe light yaoi?) story, but most of the doujinshi isn't geared towards any particular pairing, and with chapters devoted to Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeris and a lot of Zack, "Nostalgia" is a must-read for any Final Fantasy 7 fan.

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