• Fire King

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    Sequel of Melancholic Princess The "Fire King" is the 2nd installment of the "Seven (Godly/Ancient) Mirrors series; the first being "Melancholic Princess". It's been 3 years since the dissapearance of the underground HanLin Palace which served as the home and tomb of Yong Qian's previous incarnation, the Princess Yu Ling. Yong Qian continues her search for the other bronze mirrors which represents the 7 Gods, hoping to see Shang Xuan again. She makes a wistful remark of wanting to meet American CEO Tony Canary, whose eyes reminds her of Shang Quan, and as fate would have it, he noticed her just minutes after her wistful wish. How does Tony Canary fit into this never-ending wheel of fate...?

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