• Furue Tsumore Shiawase no Hana

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  • Furue Tsumore Shiawase no Hana Summary:

    1-4) Furue Tsumore Shiawase no Hana Yuuri has always been attached to his childhood friend and neighborhood Onii-san; Aki. With a certain fondness for his friend, he enrolls in the same college where Aki is working as a lecturer. Yuuri immediately falls into the position of Aki's personal caretaker and not before long, he comes to realize that there is more to their relationship than he understands. Furue Tsumore Shiawase no Hana is a story of the delicate balance between friendship and love. 5 & 8) The Trembling Flower of Happiness Aki and Yuuri are trying to come to terms with their relationship and where to draw their lines. Not scanlated. 6) Shake Continuation of chapter 5 of Koi no Shizuku. Not scanlated. 7) Extra The academics go on an onsen trip. Not scanlated.

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