• Gensou Suikoden 5 Anthology

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  • Gensou Suikoden 5 Anthology Summary:

    From Ramsus-kun: A collection of short manga stories by various artists based on the PS2 video game, Suikoden 5. Volume 1 1) Out of Contron Prince by Yuu Satsuki 2) The Prince's Counseling Room by Sakuraguni 3) Please Heal My Heart by Morozumi Sumika 4) Indecision by Michi Kiri 5) The Melancholy of a Great Tactician by Kawancha 6) Oath of the Setting Sun by Ayumi Takawatari - Miakis' Princess Observation Diary 7) Beavers & Me. by Papiko Nanjyo 8) Genetics by Kaori Akatsuki 9) Flowers by Kuroi M 10) Supersonic Rider by Nao Mitaka 11) A Sure Smile by Tomomi Mizuna 12) The Truth about 16 Years Ago by Satoko Akimi 13) Today, Yesterday-Nothin Has Changed by Ren Koizumi 14) The Secret by Mizuki Fujuu 15) Idol Prince by Harukiyo - Other Omakes 16) On My Mind by Ayumu Hanmichi Volume 2 1) A Father's Depression by Shinki Kisutsuki

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