• Hamidashi Shirayukihime

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  • Hamidashi Shirayukihime Summary:

    from fictiondb: IN A CABIN IN THE WOODS . To fun-loving Sherry White, a summer camp for intellectually gifted children seemed the perfect getaway from the smothering influence of her wacky but well-intentioned stepmother. But she soon realized that sharing a cabin with seven precocious little girls and a contraband hamster, under the watchful eye of Camp Gitche Gumee's gorgeous, disapproving director, Jeff Roarke, was more than child's play. Roarke's businesslike attitude and crack-of-dawn staff meetings were anything but relaxing. Still, a midnight lakeside rendezvous had Sherry atingle in a way she was certain ran counter to Roarke's strict antiromance policy. Dare she risk falling under the spell of this unwilling prince?

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