• Hapi Nabi!

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  • Hapi Nabi! Summary:

    Chiharu is a young woman just starting her job-search lifestyle, in the field of mass communications. Things are starting off well, and she gets an internship with a TV station to gain some job experience. Some of her friends from the university choir club are also following the same path, and she is also meeting new friends, such as a young man named Taiga. This stage of her life is going to be challenging, but hopefully Chiharu will make it through! [tethysdust] -------------------------- From [g]The Queen 2 Hearts[/g]: Chiharu has started her job search for a career in Mass Communications. She passed through the strict selection, earned an internship and experience at a TV station, and her job hunting was off to a great start... or so it seemed, but now, why can't she find any motivation? Together with her friends from the choir club, she not only searches for work, but also for love, life, and the pursuit of happiness!

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