• Happy Tomorrow

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    Contains four short, sweet stories by Suenobu Keiko. - Happy Tomorrow: Kunieda, who recently entered SMP High School, was immediately antagonized by her classmates. She was bullied by them everyday. Trash was piled on her desk, and her pencil case was filled with thumbtacks. Kunieda even has to eat lunch in the girls' bathroom to avoid being harassed. Among the classmates who didn't bully or mock her, there is a guy who cares a lot about her. He helps her through the crisis, as well as invites her to eat at his usual table. - Doki-Doki Nao confessed her love to her friend and asked him if he would go out with her, he says yes. The only thing is that he is affraid to lose his friends and starts to act distant. - Wish on the Stars - To Hold Your Hand

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