• Hide and Seek

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    1) Hide and Seek An over protective brother has been targeted by the same person his trying to protect his sister from. And a tight alley proves to be... 2) Parallel Punch!! 3) Love Love Size Nao keeps his older brother, Masaya, from going to a goukon in a very special way. 4) Adolescent Beast 5) Black 6th Period 6) Inside Your Throat, Inside That 7) Returning Winter 8) Rumors About the Professor 9) Loup-Garou Gokou In a village full of werewolves, everyone is always searching for someone to spend the full moon with because that's when their sex drives are the strongest. Young Ichi is determined to wait for true love, but will he be able to resist the moon's pull, especially when he is pursued by Goroku? 10) After Hide and Seek

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