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    Summary from Liquid Passion Volume 1 [Complete] When Hinato starts high school, he moves into the dorm. But on his first day there, he's suddenly kissed by a second-year named Souya!? And then he sees some of the other upperclassmen having sex!! Is this place nothing but couples or what!? With Souya's constant teasing on top of that, will he be able to survive here for three years...? The story of Hinato's crazy dorm life, with an original sex-training chapter included. Volume 2 [Ongoing] Akiya and Shiori are lovers, but Shiori insists that he doesn't even like Akiya. To make matters more complicated, a man from Shiori's past suddenly appears, and...! Can their relationship last like this? The boys from Aoba Dorm are back in volume 2 of Minami Kazuka's Honey Boys Spiral.

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