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    ~From Zeroz ~A Combination of One Shot's ~Chocolat of Instict Ever since we were small, I've been good friends with Keigo, who's as cute as a girl. However, I started to be conscious of his body holding mine, his long and slender fingers, and his full lips... Before I knew it, my heart started to race for this cool Keigo... Hey, Keigo, what should I do with this feeling...? ~Little Devil Gelatto Sei was a playboy throughout middle school who did it with every girl. Then, the next day he would break that girls heart and leave. That changed when a girl he had done it with actually falls in love with him. ~Flower Trap "Under the wilting Cherry Tree, He laid a blanket of pink flowers." While I walked the cherry tree lined street i noticed him carrying a boquet of flowers. The flowers belonged to the girl he liked. Then why, did he give one to me? ~Substitute Camellia When i was confessed by him I was happy. I really loved him. Still, the pain of my brother getting married and going away hurt me. Is that why Kei thought he was a substitute?

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