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  • Houkago, Seifuku o Nui de Summary:

    Compilation of six adult love stories: 1. Saikou Kanojo - KURUMATANI Haruko Everyone is afraid of Chisa's boyfriend - Masa because of his face. But he's actually a pretty nice boy...!? 2. Yuuwaku Gokko - YUUHI Ryuu Sayuki, who's never had a boyfriend in the 16 years of her life, starts to go out with her grown-up, popular cousin Takumi...?! 3. Iinchou no Himegoto - AIKAWA Saki Where Committee Chairman Ayano woke up this morning was in the bed of Yakuza-son Kagura! And also... in underwear only!? - I love you, so I wanna touch you - girls' sexual excitement - (first chapter of Iinchou no Himegoto) 4. Setsuna no Chuushin - WATANABE Shiho The one who came near Chiri, who's fed up with only meeting her friends, was the one her friend liked, Eiji... 5. Daytime wa Mayonaka ni - MITSUKI Miko Himeko must start working part-time to pay her school fees. She gets a job as a personal maid for a superrich, superhandsome young man. But what does he expect her to do!? 6. Sokubaku Darling - YAGAMI Rina Aki went to bed with Sakamaki - the biggest playboy in school. He demands that Aki should be his girlfriend until his kiss marks vanish!

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