• Ijigen kara no Tayori

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  • Ijigen kara no Tayori Summary:

    What happens when one encounters strange things happening in the modern world? This manga consists of three stories: 1) First Love. Kubodera once again saw his first love, Sae, after several years while waiting for the train. They thought about meeting again but when he reached the meeting place, he heard Sae's voice but she was nowhere to be found... 2) Sleeping Beauty. Shoichi is a reporter.He went to a mountain to find a missing brother.Suddenly,he met a beautiful foreign girl.And then he fell off the cliff,the rain start heavily and he found a house. 3) Ghost Ship. In August,80 of us,the student from the Naval Academy were going on board for practical training.The Taiyo Maru.We were getting ready for a great voyage on that ship.. And.......

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