• Imitation Love

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    Main character: Jee Ooh. Jee-ooh's parents left Jee ooh and her brother with her aunt and uncle. When she was young, someone bullied her brother and she beat the kid up (even though he was older than her) and her uncle had to pay the hospital fees. Ever since then, she was violent and beat people up if they bothered her or her family. One day, she passed by and saw a movie starring Ah-Min. She instantly fell in love with his movie character and has usually been imagining him coming to life and talking to her whenever she saw a poster of him. She even beat up a girl who dirtied Ah-Min's poster. Because of her obsession with Ah-Min, she became known as a "Crazy Dog". One day, she came home to find that her uncle borrowed 50 Million Won and signed a contract that said that her younger brother would have to work as a servant in order to pay off the money. Feeling bad, Jee Ooh agrees to go in his place. And guess who she is the the servant of? Ah Min!

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