• Jewelry Eyes

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    [Summary by: Love_Blossom] Sakaki Luna's dad is a Psychiatrist. So, she inherits the hypnosis ability. She uses the ability to repel Molesters/Sexual Harassers. But she must keep this a secret because when she was in Elementary School, people found out about her secret and they isolated her. Even the teachers! Also if Kitagawa Eiki found out about her eyes, would he hate her? Side Story The Path of a Rebel: Asaoka Seri transferred to Maika's class saying "it's been 8 years since i've been here." Then he goes up to Maika and says, "you gotta pay back 36,000 yen to me!" Confused, Maika asks why. Seri replies "Bully" and the class is astounded. Maikia is even more astounded since she doesn't remember Seri or bullying him!

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