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    Cover by Hideyoshico Occasionally, there was a woman that appeared in BL ... it was a rival or a bystander or just a good understanding person. This anthology is told form that girls point of view. Boys Love painfully transmitted through the women's eyes and feelings. New world of Moe! Includes: 1. Shoujo C 「少女C」 by Hideyoshico (From Must Be Endless) I’m nothing special, but Koizumi-kun is a very special guy whose looks and personality are seriously those of an angel. He’s our idol. This popular pair was introduced in “High School ☆ Lullaby” (Gesu BL). 2. Tamaisan, Koi to Yuujou 「玉井さん、恋と友情」 by SHIMURA Takako 3. Donyoku no Hana 「貪欲な花」 by NISHIDA Higashi (From Must Be Endless) Greedy Flower: My precious, beloved children… When two shady salesmen come knocking on her door, what’s reflected in old lady Tanaka-san’s eyes is… Thinking her life is almost over, the feelings of another time are resurrected in Tanaka-san’s heart. 4. Kami no Doutokuron Teki Shoumei「神の道徳論的証明」 by FUMI Fumiko 5. Watashitachi ha Byplayer 「わたしたちはバイプレーヤー」 by Harada (From Must Be Endless) We’re Supporting Actors: There are love stories that you can’t say how they got so complicated. A three-way struggle with an ultra-popular woman, an ultra-popular man, and a guy with a plain face. The martial arts of love! (also included in Nega) 6. Haihai, Kawaiine「はいはい、かわいいね」 by KOBATO Mebaru 7. Natura-turaly 「ナチュラチュラリィ」 by ICHIKAWA Kei (from Must Be Endless) We thought the world would forever continue with just the two of us. Twins Aki and Kana are always together. Then something steps between them… 8. Stockholm 「ストックホルム」 by ITOI Nozo 9. Tanedakun to Tsukiai tai「種田くんと付き合いたい」 by Tamekou 10 Oribonchan to Otokonoko 「おりぼんちゃんと男の子」 by Blue Chome

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