• Junjou Ookami-san to Kohitsuji-kun

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  • Junjou Ookami-san to Kohitsuji-kun Summary:

    "Hurry up and ask me to kiss you one more time!" The pitiful lamb, Kusakabe was forcefully brought to the home of the school's most reputably notorious delinquent, Hayasaka-senpai. Just when it seemed like he's going to become the wolf's dinner ― unexpectedly the senpai ask Kusakabe to teach him maths. In the time shared under sunsets, Kusakabe saw another side of senpai that does not seem to fit into the rumours and felt that senpai is actually very gentle...? Just when he lets down his guard, Kusakabe is suddenly pushed down and under the caresses of his senpai, he gradually writhes in pleasure?! The love story of a seductively cute young boy's heart in blossoming spring is going to start.

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