• Kankei wa Mada LV.1

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  • Kankei wa Mada LV.1 Summary:

    A collection of cute oneshots 1) Nanase is caught smoking by a teacher. In a prompt to get him to quit smoking he tells him that a smoker's kiss is the worst. Nanase asks him to prove it and reluctantly sensei agrees. There on the rooftop they share a brief kiss. Nanase cannot forget that sweet kiss that tasted of milk and strawberries. Has he fallen for his sensei with one simple kiss? What will he do? 4) Kikuchi, a lonely bookstore clerk, can't help but wonder about Kajinoki, a regular customer of the shop. With each visit, he longs to see Kajinoki again and finds that his heart starts to beat wildly in his presence. Is Kikuchi falling in love? And isn't Kajinoki married?

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