• Kare no Niwa ni Saku Hana

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  • Kare no Niwa ni Saku Hana Summary:

    Several stories, part of Miamoto Kano’s "Moony Trilogy" that revolves around men's dormitory in a regional university: 1.) Story about student who is suffering from leukaemia. 2-4.) Romantic story between Suwa and English literature assistant professor 5.) When Akihito takes out his trash, he hardly expects to find a stack of gay porno by the bin, much less to meet the proud ex-owner, Ryouichi. To Ryouichi, however, it seems that Akihito has taken the bait. A game of cat and mouse ensues, leading to some of Miyamoto Kano's steamiest sex scenes! 6.) Story about boy who lost his parents at childhood and was sexually abused by his uncle. 7.) A story about a guy who was fired because of his homosexuality and a boy who was kicked out of his house for the same reason.

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