• Kemono Renairon

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    Collection of short stories: 1. Kemono Renairon 2. Karakuchi Kakumei Natsui has always liked the chairman of the student council, Kazuki Oda. But ever since a long time ago, she's been bad at dealing with people. She easily gets nervous, and, to hide her embarrassment, always puts on a hard face. So how will she be able to make her feelings reach her admired Oda-kun?! 3. Sore wa, Nigai, Chocolate. Yuri hates to be alone, so she'll spend time with any guy who comes along. Chiyo Kyosuke, a teacher at her school, finds this behavior repulsive, but Yuri seems to have fallen in love with him all the same. 4. Eien no "Suki" ga Hajimaru Hi

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