• Koharubiyori

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  • Koharubiyori Summary:

    Life story of an otaku who buys a brand new robot maid. He’s quite an impressive otaku, with a huge collection of the things you associate otaku with… figures, cosplay costumes, removable skirts, etc. And now with the addition of the robot maid he can play dress-up and various other kinks. Problem is, she’s one of those "mother-figure" dolls who, through some obvious glitch in the programming, has one of those rare things known as “self-consciousness.” Needless to say, she gets rather distraught by the fact that her master is trying to dress her naked body up in some hentai outfit. And we are not even talking about the glitch in her programming: should she be a "love-doll" or "maid-doll"? Should she sternly lectured her master on the proper role of her as a maid? Or should she be a "real" maid who wait upon his every whims? Man oh man, lets watch the show commence.

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