• Koisuru Piano

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    Nakaba used to play piano with her friend Haru, and they both enjoyed playing a song composed by Chopin, which then became their little secret piece. When Haru transferred to another city, Nakaba decided to give up on piano because she thought that the notes were just some mere dots on the paper and it was just too hard to understand them. Six years later, her childhood friend Haru comes back and moved to her school just to see her again. Despite knowing that Nakaba had stopped playing piano for years, he still wants to play their secret piece and practice in a duet wtih her. Unfortunately, as Nakaba realizes, it is not going to be like old times because Haru has changed and he doesn't seem so gentle like before. What will Nakaba do? Serialized in Ribon from 11/2004 to 1/2005, published into tankoubon by the same title with 3 other one-shots.

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