• Kokoro (KANDA Neko)

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  • Kokoro (KANDA Neko) Summary:

    Salary man Saki almost makes it home but passes out from fever just as college student Shinomiya passes by. When Saki comes to he realizes he's in a strange apartment and Shinomiya has been taking care of him for the past two days! Not wanting to be indebted, Saki tries to repay him as thanks but Shinomiya's having nothing of it. Luckily, Saki's pretty creative when coming up with a way to express his gratitude that has them both wanting more... In the Kokoro series: V.1 - Otokogokoro (A Man's Heart) V.2 - Koibitogokoro (Heart of Lover) V.3 - Koigokoro (Heart of Love) V.4 - Tokimekigokoro Note: The Scanlators (September Scanlations) are only doing the main story of Saki and Jun from this series of three books (Otokogokoro, Koibitogokoro, and Koigokoro). Everything else unrelated to their story will be excluded. The number of chapters comprising their story in each book is as follows: Otokogokoro (2 chapters), Koibitogokoro (6 chapters + omake) entire book, and Koigokoro (2 chapters + omake).

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