• Kyomu Senki

    • Alternative Name
      : 虚無戦記; Account of the Un-War of Emptiness; Battle Record of Naught; Jakioh Bakuretsu; Kyomu Senshi Miroku; Military Chronicle of Nihility; Nothingness Military History; Skull Killer Jakioh; The Void Chronicles; Tiger of 5,000 Light Years
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      : Ongoing
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  • Kyomu Senki Summary:

    Kyomu Senki (The Void Chronicles) can be considered a sister manga series to Getter Robo Saga in that each is a compilation of a number of Ken Ishikawa's series that fit into the same continuity. Kyomu Senki includes Kyomu Senshi Miroku, Skull Killer Jakioh (along with its direct sequel Jakioh Bakuretsu), Tiger of 5,000 Light Years and a few others. This edition is the 2002 Futabasha 5-volume compilation (the most recent printing of Kyomu Senki so far and the last before Ken Ishikawa's unfortunate death). The first chapter features a lot of Buddhist mantras which we have left in their original form. The few of them that had a Japanese translation we have also translated into English.

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