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    Based on a Korean fairytale/folklore about a mysterious and legendary creature named Gumiho (Nine-tailed-Fox), Laon(meaning happy in pure Korean) a Gumioh loses a game and loses its tails as a price. So, the story begins with Laon descending to Earth and looking for its lost tails. There he or she (?!) finds a man who works as a journalist. The man also has his own secret past which he can't remember. And his girlfriend who had disappeared and he supposedly killed but still being alive. Vol.1 title: Gumiho? Gumiho! Vol.2 title: Hwan ( 幻 )* Illusion Vol.3 title: Gwue-Ha ( 怪花 ) *Strange Flower Vol.4 title: Mahng-Goc ( 忘却 ) *Obilivion

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