• Lie To Me

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    Contains three short stories. 1) Lie to Me: Hyunjin plays a cruel trick on Gangjae, who's lost his memory in a car accident. But how will Gangjae react when he regains his memory and discovers Hyungjin's treachery? 2) French Kiss: When catty Jooyoung dares shy Yoonha to kiss anyone in the cafe, their victim, Joonsuh, turns out to be both exceptionally handsome and hopelessly naive. Yoonha's bold act draws Joonsuh to her, and what began as a mean-spirited dare takes an unexpected turn... 3) Conspiring with the Enemy: Out on a group date, Myunghae fights with a gangster...only to learn the next day that the man she quarreled with is also her new math teacher!

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