• Love Monster (MIO Junta)

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  • Love Monster (MIO Junta) Summary:

    From MyAnimeList: "A bad boy should be punished." The college student Akira is confessed to by Itsuki, his younger childhood friend. Akira always considered Itsuki to be his "younger brother", so he decided to answer the confession sincerely. After the confession, Itsuki keeps acting as usual, as he did before he talked about his feelings. Akira gets confused by his unchanging attitude and everytime Itsuki gets close to him or touches him, Akira's heart beats faster. ---- From September Scanlations: Akira’s grown up thinking of his friend Itsuki as something of a little brother—until Itsuki confesses he’s been in love with Akira for years. But while Itsuki is content to keep their relationship the same as it’s always been while he waits for Akira to process the affections he’s just been presented with, Akira finds himself growing increasingly—and inexplicably—irritated with the cool demeanor Itsuki manages to adopt in front of someone he supposedly is in love with. Note: Of the 5 chapters included in this volume, September Scans only be scanlating the first 4 that are related (not the final oneshot).

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