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    Makunouchi: Kubonouchi Eisaku Kessakushu is a collection of short stories that seinen author Kubonouchi Eisaku, known for notable titles such as Chocolat, Cherry and Watanabe, has written in his early days. The contents of this book include: Laplace Yocchore! Tosamaru-kun Bell Robot High School Girl Kaoruko's "Heartbreak" Bizzare -- The Terror of the Salmon-Man Robot High School Boy Kawarazaki Ayumu's "Seishun-I-N-G" Help! Viva Eros Academy Okappiki Eiji Dream of Pumping Up Present "Makunouchi" is a kind of bentou, served during Kabuki in the olden days. It either got its name from the lunch the audience would eat during intermission, or perhaps from the lunch actors would eat during this time (seems plausible since the actors are also "behind the curtain", which is actually the literal translation of that phrase).

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