• Mei-chan no Shitsugi

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    MEI-CHAN NO SHITSUGI shows us a world full of handsome butlers. Mei Shinonome always has this dream. When she was younger and lost her way in a dark forest, she sang her favourite song, "Mei-chan's Butler", to build up her courage. Suddenly she was lifted up by a man who said he was her butler. Now she can't remember what he looks like, but remembers his shimmering brooch and long slender fingers. Kento Shibata is a pretty boy who, along with everyone else in the class, doesn't believe Mei's dream was once real. Emiri Enari has a crush on Kento and looks down on Mei as her father is a noodle chef. How will Mei find the butler from her dreams and will she get everyone to believe her?

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