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    Series of 4 oneshots, the last 2 were found as extra of volume 3 of Menkui : 1) Dizzy (Menkui) Koutarou's childhood friend Te-chan invites him to his home. Koutarou thinks it's weird since they haven't hung out together in years, but the carnage at Te-chan's home sends the boys running away together. Is Te-chan really bad? If so, why doesn't Koutarou leave him? 2) Slow Starter 3) Endless Gaze (Gyoshi no Hate) (first extra of volume 3 of Menkui) 4) Muddy Stream (second extra of volume 3 of Menkui) Enji's dad beats him, and his friend Kogari wants to help him. When Enji meets a strange violent guy who wants to go to the Borderlands, a strange place rumored to be full of monsters, will Enji go with him?

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