• Metto-kun wa Ikemen Desu.

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  • Metto-kun wa Ikemen Desu. Summary:

    Makoto is a girl, but because her name sounds like a boy's, the school mistakenly placed her in the boy's dorm. On her way to the dorm, she encounters a guy with hair that looks like a helmet. Turns out, this Helmet-senpai is one of her dorm mate! Makoto starts to fall in love with Helmet-kun because he is kind. His helmet hair is covering his face all the time so Makoto really wants to see his face. But, how will she find out more about Helmet-kun with the other two members? One is a cheapskate and the other, a narcissist. What will happen to Makoto's love?! Content includes: Metto-Kun wa Ikemen desu Kocchi Muiteyo Darling (One-shot) Atashi ga Suki na no wa (One-shot) Metto-Kun wa Ikemen desu extra

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