• Mr. Secret Floor - Shousetsuka no Tawamure na Hibiki

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  • Mr. Secret Floor - Shousetsuka no Tawamure na Hibiki Summary:

    In the super luxurious hotel Grand Ocean Ship Tokyo, there’s a special floor exclusive for royalty, tycoons, politicians, and Hollywood stars. To keep their anonymity, they are referred to as “Mr. Secret Floor” by the staff. Yamagi Kyo, bestselling novelist, is a permanent resident in one of the rooms in this secret floor. In fact, he’s the half brother of the owner, Shirahase Taka, from a different mother. As a famous mystery writer, he’s sought after by many publishers. Aiba Takuto from Cosmo Publisher was newly appointed to handle the task of obtaining the famous novelist's manuscripts. How far would this new editor go to get the manuscripts?

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