• Omoide Konpeitou

    • Alternative Name
      : おもいで金平糖; おもいで金平糖 さまざまのこと思い出す…; おもいで金平糖 テイクオーバーゾーン; おもいで金平糖 パンクロックマザーグース; Omoide Konpeitou Punk Rock Mother Goose; Omoide Konpeitou Samazama no Koto Omoi Dasu...; Omoide Konpeitou Takeover Zone
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      : Ongoing
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  • Omoide Konpeitou Summary:

    A series of oneshots in which a certain brand of konpeitou allows the protagonist(s) to travel back in time. In Omoide Konpeitou, a track team star meets her role model—the brother she never had a chance to meet. In Takeover Zone, a beautiful girl confronts her former self after being dumped by her boyfriend. In Samazama no Koto Omoi Dasu..., a saxophone prodigy wakes up to find a teenage-version of an old man she knows and plays with his band. In Punk Rock Mother Goose, a girl and her childhood friend bump into her mother that left her to perform in her band.

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