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    In an alternative feudal Japan, a strange disease that only affects males caused a massive population reduction, leaving females to fill the vacant jobs, therefore changing the social structure. Now, 80 years after the initial outbreak with a 1:4 male:female ratio, Japan is a completely matriarchal society. Females hold all important political positions, and males are their consorts. Only the most powerful female--head of Tokugawa shogunate--may keep a harem of handsome and unproductive males, known as "Oooku." Recipient of special prize at The Japanese Association of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy's fifth annual Sense of Gender awards (2005), Excellence Award for manga at Japan Media Arts Festival (2006), Grand Prize in Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize (2009), Tiptree Award (2010) Nominated for the first annual Manga Taishou (2008). Filmed based on the series was made. Lady Shogun and her Men (2010).

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