• Operation Liberate Men

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    Operation liberate men is an interesting series. In this series, you must keep one thing in your mind. Women is men and men is women in this series. The timeline appears to be fantasy medieval era. Men are sex machines and used only as slaves. Kings are women and all other powerful people are also women. Our main character is SuHa. (I will not discuss her last name in this review.) Su Ha is a miserable boyish looking girl who just failed high school entrance exam. On her way to home, Su Ha encounters a beautiful boy (or man) with weird outfit. The beautiful man takes her to a fantasy world where women are men and men are women. (Note that Su Ha's world is our world.) Su Ha experiences many events that she could never dream of. Since she dresses up like a boy, she was mistaken as a man. Therefore, she was treated as a slave. As she spends more time, she begins to see the true face of the "fantasy" world she was dragged in ... Ambition, greed, hatred, romance, politics, fantasy, and dictatorship, everything is bundled in this story. How I described the beginning of this series may sound comical, but this series is rather serious in its own right. Furthermore, the author, Mi Ra Lee,'s drawing has been greatly improved in this series. The plot is divided with few side stories. The side stories take quite of length. Even a side story takes a whole volume.

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