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    From Ivyscan: Consists of 5 short stories. 1. Orange Kiss Kijima Aka had a dream. In the dream, she and an orange haired boy kissed under the setting sun. And that boy just so happens to be the guy who's in the same class as her, Shimizu! She always thought Shimizu had some kind of grudge against her because he seems to hate her. Will Aka's dream become reality? 2. Happy Words The story of the past of the main characters, Saiko and Ichi, from "No. 1 Girl" in the tankubon Caramel Milk Tea. 3. Last Train Under the Night Sky Kanama and Andou met in the train by morning and became closer. However, she is troubled by Andou's expression and decides something is wrong. She follows him only to find the last train under the night sky.... and also someone. 4. More Orange Kiss A short read about Shimizu's point of view about Kijima Aka, the girl who glares at him. 5. Another Usami's Biography A biography of the author.

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