• Orchid Valley Sanshimai Monogatari

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      : そよ風のノーラ オーチャード・ヴァレー三姉妹物語 3; 氷のヴァレリー オーチャード・ヴァレー三姉妹物語 1; 炎のステファニー オーチャード・ヴァレー三姉妹物語 2; 1. Valerie; 2. Stephanie; 3. Norah; Honoo no Stephanie; Koori no Valerie; Soyo Kaze no Norah
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      : Ongoing
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  • Orchid Valley Sanshimai Monogatari Summary:

    In the Orchid Valley Sanshimai Monogatari series: V.1 - Koori no Valerie (Valerie) "Love is just a waste of time!" claims Valerie, a successful company executive. Always cool and collected, she even acts calm at the news of her father's critical illness. However her father's physician Colby sees through Valerie's cold exterior to discover a tender loneliness. He becomes attracted to the tough-acting yet frail Valerie. One day, seeing her weeping quietly, he embraces her and comforts her with a kiss. Valerie doesn't have to hold back her tears when she is in front of Colby. While desiring each other deeply, an invisible wall continues to divide the career-oriented Valerie, and Colby, who longs for a traditional woman. Will their love eventually break through this wall? V.2 - Honoo no Stephanie (Stephanie) Stephanie Bloomfield and Charles Tomaselli -- an unpredictable romance. Stephanie Bloomfield returns home to Orchard Valley, Oregon; her father has suffered a heart attack, and all three sisters are gathering at his side. Fortunately, by the time Steffie arrives, he's already begun to recover. But Steffie has other worries, too. She'd fled Orchard Valley three years earlier because of her humiliating rejection by the man she loved, local journalist Charles Tomaselli. She knows she can't avoid seeing him again... It's not long before Steffie and Charles begin reliving past battles - and renewing old feelings. He was the reason she left; this time, will he give her a reason to stay? V.3 - Soyo Kaze no Norah (Norah) Norah Bloomfield is feeling a bit unneeded these days, a bit lonely. Her father is quickly recovering his health, and her sisters, Valerie and Stephanie, are busy planning their weddings.Then, from out of the blue, a cantankerous Texan named Rowdy Cassidy crashes into Orchard Valley. And into Norah's life...The same Rowdy Cassidy who'd been Valerie's boss - and who'd demanded she cancel her wedding. Now he's Norah's patient. And in all her nursing experience, she's never encountered a more difficult man. Or a more irresistible one!Yes, she falls in love with him. And that's a mistake - because Norah has good reason to believe that Rowdy's still in love with her sister. Source: FictionDB

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