• Paradise Baby

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    1-4) After finally winning Sawa's heart and becoming his lover Shiroi still can't let himself be at ease--the more he's with Sawa, the more he realizes how frighteningly close Sawa and his best friend Micchan really are. And it doesn't help that Sawa seems to invite Micchan to go with them every time they can be alone. How can Shiroi make Sawa prove that he's really number one in Sawa's heart. 5-6) Love Letters When Kotera was in his 3rd year of middle school he got a confession from a guy 2 years younger than him, unfortunately his friends where hiding in the bushes watching. Causing the younger boy to bullied relentlessly by his classmates. What will happen years later when they meet again? 7) Kira Kira Miyoshi has been with Maki since high school and years later they've started dating and now living together. Extra) Micchan gets a confession what are his thoughts on the confession and on Shiroi and Sawa's relationship.

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